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phd or msc thesis on wheat crop breeding

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PhD and MSc Degree Scholarships for International Students at African University, 2013

from 2013 onwards. Scholarships will be comprehensive and include stipend, research costs, tuition, travel and insurance.. This scholarship is available for pursuing PhD and MSc degree at any reputable African university. The research areas of this scholarship are: The scholarship is provided in Maize value chain of the project “Support to Agricultural Research for Development of Strategic Crops in Africa (SARD-SC)”. Research areas include Agronomy/Natural Resource Management, Irrigation, Agricultural Economics, Crop Protection (Pathology and Entomology) and Breeding. Who can apply to this scholarship? · Candidates must satisfy the target university’s admission requirements for MSc or PhD studies. ·…

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PhD Program in Molecular Medicine at Hannover Medical School in Germany, 2013

in one go. · Applicants will be awarded a PhD degree after 3· 4 years. They are welcome to continue their career here in research afterwards. If they want to start a clinical career after PhD in Germany, this is not so easy, depending also on the country of origin. We are most happy to give advice though.Benefits of the scholarship: Not KnownMore information about the fellowship:Duration:  The interdisciplinary curriculum consists of an individual teaching program combined with a research project leading to a PhD thesis after a normal study period of 3 years.Number of scholarships: Not provided…

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2013 South–North PhD Sandwich Scholarship for Visiting PhD Students from Developing Countries, Germany

that contributes to FSC’s mission and that is relevant to the PhD thesis. Successful candidates are expected to present their research proposal, state of research and preliminary results in FSC’s interdisciplinary seminars and at relevant department’s PhD seminars. Participation in teaching and training activities on a limited scale, if possible, is desired. The applicant must provide proof of: -Outstanding study performance in agricultural, nutritional, natural, social, economic or political sciences, or related disciplines with specification on food security related issues with a minimum MSc grade of 2.5 -Working on doctoral studies at her/his home institute by the time of application

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2014 PhD Scholarships at Copenhagen Graduate School of Social Sciences, Denmark

up a window of opportunity to a variety of careers within the private and public sectors. The programme includes the drafting of a PhD thesis, active participation in research networks, PhD courses, teaching and other forms of knowledge dissemination. The PhD programme can be undertaken as a three year full-time study within the framework of the 5+3 study programme, or as a four year full-time study within the framework of the 4+4 study programme..  Scholarships are available for pursuing PhD degree at Copenhagen Graduate School of Social Sciences. The research areas of this scholarship are:  Scholarships are provided within the…

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2013 MSc/ PhD Fellowships at Heidelberg University in Germany

Doctoral researchers enrolled in the MSC/PhD program will receive a Masters degree (after submitting an experimental Master’s thesis) and a PhD (after submitting an experimental PhD thesis) with the dissertation phase. The MSc/PhD program emphasizes research-based training, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills and the development of individual interests. –  After two years the MSC/PhD students will submit an experimental thesis and take the examination to obtain a Masters degree in Biosciences.- Provided the students excel they will continue their research project and, after an additional 3 to 3.5 years, submit their doctoral thesis. Those students who are…

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