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2014 Radio 4EBFM Ethnic Scholarship for Australian and International Students, Australia

QUT and Radio 4EBFM offer Radio 4EBFM Ethnic Scholarship in journalism for Australians and international students. Scholarships are available for pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate coursework degree level. Applicants must be from a non-English speaking background and can be in any year of your study. Students will receive a scholarship valued at $5,000 for one year full-time (or equivalent). The scholarship will pay for HECS-HELP exemption, with the balance provided in cash for living expenses. The application deadline is 1 November 2013.. QUT and Radio 4EBFM are pleased to announce the Radio 4EBFM Ethnic Scholarship, available to Creative Industries students. This scholarship is facilitated by previous Vice-Chancellor Professor Gibson..  Scholarships are…

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2012 PhD Scholarship in Environmental or Maritime History of Southeast Asia, Australia

A fully funded three and half year PhD scholarship is available to work under the supervision of Professor James Warren, who is coordinating one research stream of a 7-year Major Collaborative Research Initiative (MCRI) anchored at McGill University entitled ‘The Indian Ocean World: The Making of the First Global Economy in the context of Human–Environment Interaction’. Applications are invited for candidates with similar or complementary research interests. These interests can be pursued through study of the impacts of climate related and other natural hazards (cyclonic storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, drought) on the economy, society and history of…

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PhD Position in Non-invasive Optical Platforms at the Institute of Photonic Sciences in Spain

ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences is offering Doctoral Student (Ph.D.) position in Non-invasive optical platforms for 3D tomography and monitoring in cerebrovascular disease (PHOTOSTROKE). Position is offered for ambitious and highly motivated students in Spain. The students must have an internationally recognized Master degree obtained after January 01, 2009 and strong background and training in physics, photonics, bio-engineering and related areas. The expected start date is summer/fall 2013.  The PhD position will start from summer/fall 2013. Applicants must have an academic excellence. Online application must be submitted by 31st of August, 2013.. The Medical optics research group led by Prof….

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Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Electronic Materials Engineering at Australian National University, Australia

We are seeking to employ a highly motivated researcher in the field of mechanical properties and high-pressure research with a broad understanding of materials science and semiconductors. The Department of Electronic Materials Engineering (EME) conducts interdisciplinary research in areas such as condensed matter physics, materials science and device engineering. This includes world-class research in the growth, structure, properties and applications of electronic materials. The diversity of the Department’s research is one of its key strengths, underpinning its broad collaborative base and its ability to attract students and researchers from a range of disciplines. You will work in a…

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2013 PhD Student Position in Physical Organic Chemistry at Uppsala University in Sweden

 The research project concerns design and synthesis of organosilicon compounds for potential applications in molecular electronics, i.e., the research area in which single molecules are designed to function as diodes, optical switches, transistors or other (new) electronic components. Focus will however be placed on questions of basic research character. A significant number of the compounds that will be designed and studied experimentally exploit novel conjugation topologies for charge transport, such as sigma-conjugation and cross-hyperconjugation. The research project is interdisciplinary in character as it involves both organic synthesis and quantum chemical calculations, and it is performed in collaborations with physicists and…

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