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Scholarship for Postdoctoral and PhD Student in Highway Engineering at DTU Byg, Denmark

The Postdoc and the PhD scholarship are integrated in a project called “COOEE – CO2 emission reduction by exploitation of rolling resistance modelling of pavements” (www.cooee-co2.dk). The transport sector contributes with more than 20% of the total emission of CO2 and therefore there is a huge potential in even small reductions of the energy consumption of cars. Reducing the rolling resistance is one of the ways to reduce emissions. The COOEE project will attack the challenge from various angles: development of advanced models for deterioration and aging of pavements; development of new devices for measuring rolling resistance on…

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PhD Scholarship in Ice Sheet Monitoring from Satellites and Aircraft, Denmark 2011

The research theme of the PhD. will involve development of methods for cryosphere monitoring from satellites (GRACE, IceSat and CryoSat-2) as well as airborne measurements, and the application to the Greenland ice sheet as well as North Atlantic region ice caps (e.g., Svalbard and Iceland). The overall goal is to obtain consistent results of ice mass loss estimates by combination of different types of remote sensing data, including validation by in-situ or other glaciological data. The PhD project includes especially focus on analysis of Cryosat-2 data, as well as recent airborne altimetry data from both European and NASA…

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2012 Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroscience, Biology, Electrophysiology, Neuroengineering at University of Antwerp, Belgium

Research will focus on 1) interfacing novel materials to neuronal microcircuitry as bidirectional nano-scale interfacing devices, as well as on 2) using novel optogenetic and electrophysiological techniques for quantitively dissect network electrophysiology and its plasticity, relevant for natural and synthetic memories formation, deletion, and re-writing. This research, funded by the European Commission, aims ultimately at developing unconventional scientific & technological approaches for advancing our understanding on collective emerging behavior in neuronal ensembles, as well as for designing the next generation of neuroprosthetics and cognitive interfaces. Applicants must have solid in vitro experience with patch-clamp in brain slices…

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